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Yoga Is The New Cardio Exercise To Look Into


For Yogis, it’s not really surprising to consider Yoga as the new way of doing cardio workouts. In fact, Jillian Michaels has an entire video guide called Yoga Meltdown.

It’s clear to see and feel the health benefits in each Yoga practice as it makes you a little stronger, leaner and more stress-free moving through each flow. Each little improvements add up and while it’s a slow and light stretching exercise, it builds strength over time plus it helps boost and relaxes the mind allowing it work in harmony with the physical body.

In December 2014, European Journal of Preventive Cardiology conducted a systematic review on Yoga’s effectiveness and found promising evidence on improving cardio-metabolic health.

Although the study was only conducted on a small randomized control trial, researchers combed other numerous study databases and found more evidence of the potential health benefits of Yoga practice on cardiovascular disease including risk factors like poor cholesterol, high-blood pressure, and obesity.

Does this mean we should ignore the old fashion cardio workouts?

Certainly NO! Traditional cardiovascular exercises especially the new variation known as HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training) has numerous benefits that go beyond heart health benefits.

Moreover, Yoga as cardio exercise requires further future research in order to determine which Yoga style and practice works best for heart health, as well as a frequency of practicing in order reap the maximum benefits.

There is no question Yoga seems to be working well when it comes to benefiting heart health. However, don’t ignore the long cardio and HIIT because they’re fun and healthful.

In fact, using long cardio duration workouts along with HIIT can help achieve better results including maximum fat loss for those who are struggling in losing weight. Of course, good nutrition plays an important role.

So, combine it all and make it into a healthy lifestyle for long-term results. Plus, the old fashion cardio has lots of fun outdoor activities with equivalent benefits including swimming, rowing, running, playing tennis, volleyball, basketball and among many other physical intensive sports.

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