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Yoga Meltdown Level-1 with Jillian Michaels


The video below shows Yoga Meltdown Level-1 by Jillian Michaels. I don’t think there is a long need for an introduction for her. I mean you’ve seen her on TV, and online through her videos that can be found on YouTube.

It is a truly amazing experience and to know that fitness professionals like Jillian Michaels are embracing this ancient practice of Yoga.

There are in fact, numerous health benefits in which Yoga can offer, and while Jillian offers this as a means to lose weight, there are far many benefits of Yoga that not only benefit the physical aspect of human, but for both mental and spiritual, and even with healing, as well.

Quick Summary Of Evidences On Yoga Health Benefits

At present, majority of Yoga studies target condition-specific illnesses, or towards a particular stage of life including health conditions like;

Yoga Meltdown

These are just a short list of the studies wherein Yoga has proven to be beneficial in all improving various health conditions. In fact, I personally believed that when Yoga is practice consistently along with meditation, the human body can heal by itself. There are numerous other health and even sexual conditions in which Yoga can be very helpful.

In fact, there are known Yoga poses for premature ejaculation, which is a sexual condition very common to men.

Benefits Of Yoga Source: IYENGAR YOGA

Jillian’s Meltdown Yoga (Level 1)

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