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Yoga Poses For An Instant Stress Relief


Stress is a very subtle experience for some people and not even notice it. When not addressed early, it can have bad effects on health and performance.

Fortunately, there are simple Yoga poses you can do in order to relieve stress such as restorative pose, which anyone can do even beginners or first timers. Also, easy Yoga pose even non-practitioner can do it like the leg-up the wall.

You should consider Yoga as part of your de-stressing especially after a long day of work. Make it habit everyday for a few minutes to have a stress-relieving routine because it’s worth the effort.

Studies have proven to have huge positive impacts on human health that some doctors are prescribing it as part of an overall treatment. The same is true with meditation, several studies have shown how it affects health at cellular level.

So, without further ado, let’s watch Rudy Mettia from Udaya.com as he demonstrates two simple yoga poses that are stress relieving that you can do even at your workplace. First pose is triangle pose and second pose is fall forward fall.

Both of these poses are relaxing, and if you can’t follow along because you’re not flexible enough, just stretch as far as you can without feeling the pain. The key to this is practicing regular to achieve better flexibility.

Note that at any point, doing a pose feels uncomfortable, always modify the stretch to a point where you don’t feel pain. Of course, you want to feel that stretch, but no pain.

This sequence of yoga poses is helpful for those who are sitting for long hours in the office due to their work, and even those working at home. It is, however, highly recommended to keep moving and at least get off the chair a few times every hour and keep moving.

Studies have found excessive sitting can lead to various unhealthy consequences.

This is why incorporating a de-stressing routine at the end of the day is vital. Although, it may not totally solve or reverse the damage done to the body through excessive sitting in an instant, doing it on regular can definitely help.

So, do it, and also find a way to stay active at workplace regardless of how hectic you are. For ideas about staying active, check out these tips from University of Mexico students.

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