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Zinc Health Benefits – Why It’s An Important Mineral And How To Know If You’re Deficient?


Zinc similar to magnesium is one the important minerals in the body that involves in over 200 enzyme processes. It’s responsible for growth, cognitive function, prostate health, boost testosterone level in men, improve reproductive health particularly in men increasing sperm count, which probably the main reason zinc is included in many dietary male enhancement pills aside from being available as a sole zinc supplementation.

Zinc is also involved in boosting the body’s immune system and considered to be an essential mineral. Therefore, it’s vital to avoid zinc deficiency and obtain it as much as possible from good and natural food sources. While supplementation is good, it is just as vital to note that supplementation should only be taken as part of a healthy diet, and don’t solely rely on it as a source of zinc.

However, plant-based zinc sources these days are often deficient in zinc due to the quality of the soil. Therefore, taking supplementation becomes vital, but still discounting eating whole food sources for zinc is not a good idea. As mentioned in the video below by Dr. Emerson, zinc is both vital for maximizing testosterone level and decreases the risk of benign overgrowth in cancer of the prostate are among the vital functions of zinc. He mentioned men with zinc level in the upper part of the normal zinc level in their body are 6% lower risk of having developing prostate cancer. Dr. Emerson also mentioned numerous other benefits of zinc and its symptoms.

When it comes to boosting the immune system, zinc also plays a vital role. Of course, the gut microbiome also plays a major role in the immune system boost especially that it always begins in the gut. Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, M.D., author of the book Life Is Your Best Medicine explains how zinc can protect us from common sickness especially during winter season. She also mentioned the best type of zinc to take are namely; zinc glycinate and zinc gluconate. She also mentioned an interesting area in which vegetarians are susceptible to zinc deficiency. She didn’t explain further, but we’ll learn why later on as Dr. Mercola explains in another video below.

Dr. Mercola discusses the mineral zinc and how essential it is to the immune system, plus he mentioned why vegetarians are susceptible to zinc deficiency due to vegetarians eating whole grains, which contain phytic acid that binds to the zinc preventing it from being absorbed by the body. He also mentioned some common tests in order to determine zinc deficiency such as blood test, oral zinc taste test, and hair and nail test. Noticed Dr. Emerson mentioned the white patches in the fingernails? That’s the sign of zinc deficiency and of course, hair loss is another indication.

Dr. Mercola also shared his favorite zinc compounds namely; zinc gluconate, zinc citrate, and zinc that binds to an amino acid as a chelate. And, when it comes to dosage, he recommends higher dosage. So, if you’re confused about the dosage, make sure to consult with your doctor and ask the appropriate dosage for you especially if you’re detected with a deficiency in zinc.

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